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Engine  82



Encounter with Station 82. Matt, a firefighter from Engine 82 stopped to visit us at the crash site in early July. (To those who may not know, the “crash site” is where we lost Brianna. Due to the summer heat, we visit the area twice a week to water the plants. We have had other encounters, there as well.) Matt told us, he has never forgotten that day. He was of the original crew (Engine 82) and the one who cut Brianna out of the car.

Every time he comes into the station, he sees the plant we gave the station about a month after we lost Brianna, to thank them for the work they did that day to save our daughter. {First Responders are not thanked enough for the heroic work their jobs require on a daily basis. More appreciation needs to be shown these men and women of valor.} Matt thinks of us each day he sees the plant we donated. It has taken him some time before he could approach us. Matt stated to us that in the experience of being a firefighter, there are certain cases that “stand out” as making an impact. That day he pulled Brianna out of the car, was one of those times and this was before he knew anything about her. He sensed, there was something “different, special” about her.

We informed him about what we’ve been doing and how we had worked with the senator’s office and congressmen and our 3-D Drowsy Driving initiative for the high schools. We also told him that Butte County has agreed to put up guardrails in the median and that their $250K budget has been approved for this work.

It really was a divine appointment and encouragement to us to meet Matt. The Lord gives us these encounters to show us that Brianna’s legacy is making a difference in people lives, still to this day, three and a half years later. As parents, we don’t want her to be forgotten.

If you are impressed or know someone who would be willing to donate to a good cause, please consider donating to our foundation or pass our information on to them.  The foundation is in need of support for our 3D campaign (to reach 44 high schools in our county). With all the negative things going on in the world, this is a worthwhile endeavor to support.

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