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Seven Years of Healing

     We’ve all heard the expression that “time brings healing,” but does it, at least in this life? What is meant by this word healing? When we talk about losing loved ones, whether—father, mother, a sibling, even a friend—at the end of the life spectrum, it is much easier to deal with the loss, because we all know death is the finality in this life. But when one of these loved ones mentioned above has their life cut down prematurely, it is a wound that does not necessarily heal in this life for their loved ones. This is especially true on two accounts:  1) the earlier their life is taken or they are deprived of living out their life and 2) if it is a child /teenager whose life is cut short.

     We live in a broken world. Imagine for a moment, if all the grief, pain, suffering, hurt and sorrow could be accumulated, in an aggregate amount, and placed in the divine scale of human woe, would there be anything that could compare? It would only be equaled or balanced by the suffering, grief and sorrow experienced by the Son of God in bearing all that human woe. This is what crushed out His life.  The wages of sin is truly death, eternal death. More on this in a moment.

     We all recognize that there are major injustices in this life; but equally, there is an abundance of  mercy human beings have been given. Even the most horrendous cases we can think of or have heard of in this world, they have been given much grace. We must all remember God holds an account with all. Those dealt a harsh hand in this life, if they receive that gift of grace and retain it improving their situation according to the light given, will be richly rewarded on the other side.

     It has been seven years today, since we lost our precious daughter, Brianna—that valuable gift the Creator gave to my wife and me, 26 years ago. Looking back at that time, it felt like a very harsh hand we were dealt. But for this childless father, I took comfort in this statement:

                          “God never leads His children otherwise they would choose to be led, if they

                            could see the end from the beginning and discern the glory of the purpose

                            they are fulfilling as coworkers with Him.”    -DA 224-5


At times, this was the only thing that kept me sane in those early months. God would not have permitted this unimaginable tragedy if He saw it would not be for our best purpose, interest and eternal security, including our daughter’s eternal welfare.

     For nearly the last two years, we have begun to see that God’s plan unfolds with time for our best good. We would not want Brianna to have had to deal with Covid and the aftermath. But with all these ‘signs’ we recognize the time is drawing near when we will be reunited again.

     We are coming into that time period in this world, that the Bible speaks about as a time of trouble such as never was since there was a nation (Daniel 12.1). Life will never again be normal. But we can rejoice, because we have One who sees the end from the beginning and will safely secure all who put their trust in Him.

     We have a friend who went through the heartache with us—7 years ago—and he contacts us faithfully every year on this date to encourage us. Don’t forget to do that with those who have lost loved ones, it really does make a difference, since this is a very difficult time for many.

     For those who have children, even adult children not walking with the Lord, don’t lose heart, keep praying for them. If they were raised with the truth, as they see these things come to pass, many will come back to the Lord, especially if they know they have praying parents.  If they were not raised with biblical knowledge, fear not, for if you are a praying parent, God can still do wonders to get their attention. They need to know you are there for them, praying for them and love them. Relinquish them over to the Lord; He wants to save them more than you do. God can be trusted no matter what the outcome.

     As another year closes out, we have very much to be thankful. Thank you for all your prayers over the years, we much appreciate them. It is our hope and prayer that the new year will bring you closer to our Saviour.

We want you to meet Brianna one day, it will be one grand celebration when we will never more part. I close with the words of the Master Himself, “when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.”  Luke 21:28.


PS:  We received an email from a pastor friend, nine months after we lost her. This letter was so out of the normal that we decided to put it up at our website.  In the past, we did a news piece on it. Some of you may not have read that email, and for this reason we we make it available at this appropriate time. If you have read it, its worth reading again and again. I personally did so again this morning and was deeply touched. Here is the link for that email.  In a Heavenly Environment.

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