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Janice Taber                                                                                                          


We were shocked and saddened to learn of Brianna's tragic death. We had driven by the site of the accident while the CHP were there doing their work-up not knowing what had happened. My son, Kevin Eggers told me who it was that had been killed. We mourn along with all of you and keep you daily in our prayers. Dan and Kevin both send their condolences and both are hurting deeply. We long for the day when Jesus calls forth those sleeping children of ours and we can be reunited once again for all eternity. The pain will linger for a long time and it is only the love of Jesus that can bring peace and healing. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you as you go through this grieving process. Janice Taber and family



I didn't know Brianna, but just wanted to pass along a story of my brief encounter with her. I was in Kohl's in November and happened to be helped at the check out counter by Brianna. There was a problem with one of the products I was buying and Brianna and I ended up spending some time at the counter together while the problem was being worked out. She was so friendly and easy to talk to and had the most inviting smile. We had a nice conversation and I left the store thinking, "What a nice girl!" As I was scanning the obituaries recently, I saw her and that smile and was so sad to hear of her passing. I just wanted to share with you something I'm sure you already had a beautiful daughter who had the ability to make a special impression even on a stranger over a brief encounter in the check out line. :)




Chuck Topalian                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Dear Rodney & Mary, Sorry I did not get a chance to talk to you at the funeral. It was a beautiful ceremony honoring your daughter. Brianna was a special person and it showed in her flight training. She was as enthused about her training as any student I have had. I wanted you to know she was an excellent pilot, she just had a rough time on check rides. On one of our flights we flew over Yosemite and she was really excited to see it from the air. I did not know at the time why was so excited but after seeing the pictures at the funeral, I know why. Thanks for the Thank You note you sent me. I thought I was just her flight instructor but I am glad she thought I was "awesome" and I am glad I got to be involved in a small part of her life. Sincerely, Chuck Topalian




Kevin Eggers                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


Rod and Mary, thanks for making this site known to us so we can, not only leave a note on Brianna's behalf, but also learn more about her from the well written life sketch above. The more I find out about her life the more impressed I am with the way she lived her life and the kind of person she was. There is nothing I can do or say that will provide you with any comfort that someone else has, undoubtedly, already said. But I do want you to know this: in some way that I really cannot understand or put into words, your daughter has touched my life very deeply. I think when someone whom you never even met touches your life the way that she has touched mine, that this is a spiritual thing that can only be attributed to our loving Heavenly Father. I think sometimes in life we get down and discouraged and lose hope. All we see is negative things all around us and we even get to the point of giving up until we see something beautiful, something that stands out and breaths life into our souls and revives in us the hope that we once had. Brianna's life has done that for me and, again, I cannot explain how or why. I want to thank you for all you have done in raising her the way that you did, because the fruit of her life that you are now seeing would not have been possible if it were not for the loving and Godly parents that took the time to help mold and shape her, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, into the young lady that she was. Her battle is over and her victory is won, now let's pray that we all have the strength to carry on so we won't disappoint her on that bright day.




Kimberly Van Bibber


Please feel free to reach out to me.....I was with your precious daughter. My husband and I were first on the scene.....I held her hand, sang to her, and prayed over her... My heart is heavy and I'm sending you my love. Praying for a peace that only God may understand. I pray for your comfort, your health in these next trying months....may God bless you abundantly



Keith Deutsher


Brianna was a very exceptional young lady. For the short amount of time that she spent on this earth, it amazed me all the wonderful things that she accomplished. She was such a compassionate girl. From working with her at Threads of Hope to seeing and talking to her at her home while I was working. This young lady was an inspiration and very much a blessing to my life. God bless you.



Adrian Maisonet


My deepest condolences to your family and daughters friends. May god wrap his loving arms around you all during this difficult time .Your daughter has inspired me to become a better person and to never give up. Just know she loved you very much. I will keep you beautiful people close to my heart. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.





For me, it was easy to love Brianna! I remember the first time we met, when you finally came and, even before you had entered the house, I came out on the porch and started embracing and kissing you one by one. Then, I returned to preparing our meal while she kept on running between the kitchen and the living room, where Violet and you were talking away. Eventually, she settled by the kitchen counter and started asking all kinds of fascinating questions revealing her unique, brilliant mind. The she was special in every way became obvious when Mary brought out her lunch. By the time the meal was cooked, I could not help loving her and feeling she, too, was “mine.”  All of that happened within an hour or so.


Like a real princess, whenever Brianna came into a room, she almost demanded my complete attention. And her energy level was sooo hard to control! Remember the time when we were celebrating Violet’s 100th birthday and all of us came together in San Francisco? Playing with me hide and seek, she was all over the place – under the stairs, in the library room under the desk, between bookshelves, in the bathroom, somewhere where I could not find her. And eventually when I did, she would just laugh, knowing that she had completely exhausted me. I would squeeze her, try to kiss her, but she would quickly slip out between my arms like a little gold fish.


Even as a little girl, her compassion and care for animals, her world view and passion for ideas she believed in were mature and deep. If I stop and think, I believe that, although she left far too early, Brianna lived a rich Godly life that many people I know have never had. How so? Because she was AWARE and grateful for opportunities presented before her and, combined with her clear faith in action, she lived her precious life courageously and fully. Such a life is to be celebrated, while mourning is left to us, who miss her so. Personally, I am so very sorry that I had only a few precious encounters with her… How strange it is that I was there for Violet and Don and am still here with all of you, holding you in my heart and prayers as we part from our Little Beloved.






I remember meeting Brianna from when I first came down from Alaska to California. We were both 10 years old. It was a Sabbath at the Clovis church. I walked into the junior/early teens class and saw her. Immediately, I knew we would become good friends someday. Getting to know each other took a while because I was pretty shy. We started to hang out during potluck each Sabbath. Brianna would always bring her own lunch because she was too afraid to eat the regular potluck food after things she had seen happen, such as someone sneezing into a dish. She did her best to convince me to not eat it, but didn’t have any luck. Over these lunches, we would talk non-stop and slowly I got to know who Brianna was. She was a girl with goals and great purpose. I found in her a fellow stubborn human being. Someone who once set her mind to something, was going to accomplish it. Not only did I find someone who understood me, but I also found I could confide in her. She always knew what to say no matter what it was. Brianna was a girl with big hopes and dreams. What hit me is that her dreams weren’t for popularity, success, or fame but to help the less privileged people in this world. She wanted to use her passion for flying in the mission field. There wasn’t any thought for herself or of what she might gain.


She was one of the strongest people I’ve been privileged to know. Something might knock her down, but she would always rise back up. This girl was such an inspiration to me and so many other people. She left behind a wonderful testimony and legacy. I’ve met people on my travels who met Brianna for just a little while but still remembered her after years because of the impact she had on their lives for that small moment she spent with them. I’m having difficulty summing up the amazing friend I had.


This is the Brianna I knew. Courageous, sweet, tenderhearted, beautiful soul, intelligent, passionate, goal-setter, inspiration, stunning, a true friend. She was a star in the night sky guiding others in this dark world. Her light is still shining bright and continuing to light the way for others to Jesus Christ. I miss her dearly but I know very soon we will all be reunited in heaven. I cannot wait for the day when Jesus says, “Brianna, rise up my child.” And she will fly on wings like an eagle.

You will forever be in my heart.


I love you, sweet girl!




Sophia Sir


They say that somewhere and sometime in this world, you will have a person that will look exactly like you. We looked nothing alike, but if God made personality twins, she was mine. I have always felt this way, since the day I got to truly know Brianna. We understood each other, we had many similarities, and we both had piercing sarcasm. For once, I had found someone who I could actually talk to, about anything, and everything.


A few days before the accident, I had gotten my braces on. The only thing that scared me about getting my braces on was Brianna, because I thought she would make fun of me for them. I was seriously scared! But she never did.


We had a mutual understanding and respect for one another. One of the main reasons that we had this understanding was that we were both only children. We cared for one another, and had each other’s back like sisters.

I learned two things from her.


From her strong spirit she taught me to make every day count, something I had not learned yet.


You can have material things and when they break or stop working you can replace them or fix them. But a life, a life is one of the most precious things on Earth. A life is something to be cherished. A life is not to be taken for granted. Once it’s gone, it can never be replaced. We should embrace each memory and never let them go.

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