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Kevin Glazener                                                                                                        

I am so sorry for your loss

Hi Mr and Mrs. Cassidy. I have been meaning to write a letter, and I still plan on writing a physical one. I just wanted to take this moment to tell you that I am so sorry for your loss. For the majority of our lives, me and Brianna didn't talk or hang out, but for that one year in 8th grade, she was a great person to have around. I'm not going to claim that we were great friends, or even close friends. Honestly, I'd be lucky to call her a friend at all. But she did leave a mark on my life that I can never erase, and I wouldn't want to. She was an amazing young woman who wanted nothing but to spread the word and to live happy in the life that God wanted. She did everything she could to show his love. I wish I could say more, but she did that better than I ever could with who she was and the things she did. I can't wait for the day that you will see her again and I pray that the day comes soon.

Best Wishes, and Many Prayers.




Kevin Eggers

I wanted to share with you the impact that Brianna's life is still having. She has touched my life and the lives of my wife and children. You see, even though we did not know her, we knew you and when we heard the news of her death we reached out to you and we saw the gofundme page and we saw the news video that talked of Brianna and kind of girl she was. I showed the video to my children and they were impacted by the way Brianna lived her life. My son had been invited to go to the GYC event in Phoenix this past weekend, but didn't want to go because it would take him away from his basketball events he had planned, but after watching the video of Brianna, he decided to go and he took his girlfriend with him (who is not a Christian). She ended up going up front and giving her life to Christ during that event last weekend. So Brianna touched many lives during her life, but even in death she is still impacting others for Christ! We are so proud of the way you raised her and I am convinced that there will be those in Heaven that found Christ as a direct result of Brianna and how she lived her life. You thank us for our comments and support, but it is we who thank you for sharing your precious Brianna with all of us and allowing us to be touched by her. May the love we have for you warm you and may you find peace somehow in knowing that the results of Brianna's life will go on forever through those she has touched.



Kim Graham Eggers

Mary I cry with you as I have only one biological child which is also a daughter and I consider her my best friend. I have cried with Kevin over this as I know you are both suffering right now. I pray for you constantly. I wake up and think of you guys. No words can even help at this time but just know that you are surrounded by God and His love for you both. I know you guys have so many friends that are praying for you also. Your daughter sounded like a wonderful girl and we will never know the reasons why God allowed this tragic thing to happen to your family until we see Him face to face. You will see her again and I have always said I would love to be in a cemetery when He returns so I can see all the reunions. God is returning and we believe VERY soon so stay strong for Brianna. 




 Martha Eads

I can't believe it-- Our beautiful Brianna gone.  It is with much grief and sadness that I write to you. I am so sorry for your loss.  Brianna had such focus and purpose to her life.  She was truly an amazing girl.  I am honored to have known her and you.



Nathan L Krause

I saw the news story before I knew she was Adventist. My heart ws touched and I prayed for her family. Then I saw the news clip with your interview. I immediately recognized the books on your shelf and realized that you are Adventist. My heart aches for you. I never met your daughter, but from what I've seen and read I can tell that she was beautiful inside and out. I look forward to meeting her in Heaven, but even more, I look forward to seeing your joyful reunion with her. The only explanation for such a tragic loss is that we live in a world broken by sin. Please remember that your Heavenly Father weeps with you and He will give you comfort and strength in your time of grief. Praying for you.



Christopher Hayden  (from Jamaica)


I'm speechless... I'm very sorry to hear... wow, I really am sorry to hear.


Brianna is a girl I would never forget. I cant believe this. I mean we had plans to go flying when I start my missionary flying. She was an encouragement to me especially in praying for me that I got though on my scholarship thing for flying. She shared notes with me and now .... ahhhh boy I cant believe this. I knew above everything she loved God and that was what I liked about er because I don't find a lot of pilots like that and her death motivates me to be a better Christian an fulfil the aviation missionary dream. By God'ls strength I wont disappoint Brianna when God comes and we meet in heaven. My prayers go out to you guys and I wish I could be there to comfort.


I have to say I stayed up last night and cried as well. I have been asking God some questions why and the most I could get is that I ended up watching something today and the scripture about God thoughts being greater than ours was read..... and I don't know what God thoughts or motive is through this but I know one thing hes working it for a great cause in the future.... I might not know but I know one thing God knows and when we meet with Brianna in heaven after God comes we can go to Christ and let Him show us how Brianna's death might have even lead others to God because of how much of a spectacular person she is...... So I leave you with two things a text which goes as this:


And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, write, blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them. Revelation 13:14


You see I know one thing Brianna's works will never leave her and that's why out of these two last things, I leave you with Brianna's last words to me. These weren't words of despair but words of hope, words that went, and I quote "Well I will pray for you I know you can do it !! God will help you"......... what does this mean to you? Like Brianna's advice to me I'm praying for you and guess what I KNOW YOU GUYS CAN DO IT YOU GUYS CAN MAKE IT THROUGH..... why? BECAUSE GOD WILL HELP YOU!!! Have faith and I'm praying for the best tomorrow God bless Goodnight .

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