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Remembering the Past

Life is full of challenging situations!  Prior trials we’ve encountered and endured should encourage us in pressing forward through present issues.  We all recall events in the past which have affected us, especially serious adverse crisis’ we’ve faced.

Four years ago this month (September 2015) was one of those months we will never forget. Mary and I experienced three more deaths, two of which were very personal; especially in light of our daughter’s loss nine months earlier. Over the Labor day weekend we had to rush our little Yuki (Brianna’s dog) to the ER vet, due to a disease which came on suddenly just a few days before (similar to meningitis).  It was hard to see her suffer that weekend. She underwent a spinal tap late on Monday, and unfortunately Tuesday am never awoke from the anesthesia.

Two weeks later, to the day, we lost our friend Pastor Bill Liversidge. This was another unexpected blow, and one that many people felt acutely for a long time. He had accepted our invitation to be the keynote speaker at our benefit event we were planning for the Spring of 2016.  We have a copy of that response letter on the website for any who’d like to read it. It is a profound letter re. the loss of our daughter and her premature exit out of this world. {You can read it here:}

Then two weeks later on October 6, a third death—one of Brianna’s graduating classmates from High School, lost his life in a motorcycle accident. {Ironic as the twists and turns of life are, this boy’s father, a dentist, happened to be the first driver (less than 30 seconds behind her) on the scene of our daughter’s fateful collision that rainy Dec 19th; then only to experience the ministry of suffering himself 10 months later.}

These memories time is not able to fade, they seem as clear as the week they happened. Today, marks the 57th month since we lost our precious Brianna. This blog was initially inspired by the thought of the meaning of 57 in light of our loss. In a blog back in the Winter of 2015/16,, I gave detail of this subject matter.

We live in a broken world, that is quickly unraveling. Soon time for humanity will run out. Only two classes will exist in our world when probationary time ceases--those who’ve learned to trust the One who is the Resurrection and the Life, even unto death if need be, and those who have rejected this “Unspeakable Gift” and trust to themselves. The night of mourning, grief and sorrow will soon give way to the eternal light of the DayStar who shall descend in all the glory of His Father’s Kingdom. 

It is my prayer today, that your hope will be strengthened and your love for that Man will be more constant until that perfect day.

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