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Parents Passion - Mary & Rod''s  Written Blogs

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The Broken Bottle  (Mary's)


This blog has been a hard one to write, especially since it has been so long since my last one. I have so many feelings to share and really didn’t know where to start. 



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The Process of Reconciliation


We gauge time in units—seconds, then minutes, hours, days, weeks months and years

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Past Blogs

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A Milestone:  100 Months  (April 23, 2023 (

Today, (April 19) marks 100 months since we lost our precious daughter, Brianna.  Mercifully the Lord hid the time element from us, how long ...

Things Which Will Never Be the Same  (Fall 2022)

Eight years ago today, my wife and I were dealt a blow that no parent should ever experience ...

88 Months  (Spring 2022)

Most don’t pay much attention to numbers, but double numbers should at least raise an eyebrow.  Today, marks ...

Seven Years of Healing  (Winter 2021)

We’ve all heard the expression that “time brings healing,” but does it, at least in this life? What is meant by ...

Summer 2019

> 239 Weeks of Grief

Fall 2017

> Its Been 37 Months

Fall 2016

> Beq'a Foundations

Spring 2016


Winter 2016-2017

> Another Piece of the Puzzle

Winter / Spring 2018

Dec 19--Grief Recovery Twofold

Past Blogs


Radio and Video Interviews

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